Frequently asked questions

Do You Have A Minimum Order?

Not for DTG. You can have full colour for one T Shirt. Screen Printing, the minimum order is 20 garments.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

Not so simple - is the simple answer! I spend a lot of time on tour with the musicians of the World so there may be periods of "quiet" on the printing front. Doesn't mean I can't help with your order however so please do give me a call or message and I can see if i can get your job done for you.

What Are Your Prices For DTG?

£12 for one sided print on a white t shirt. £2 for each print thereafter, so back print £12 plus chest print (£2) plus sleeve (£2) is £16 total. £13 for a single print on a black t shirt then same model as above.

What Are Your Prices For Screen Print?

This is on a sliding scale but minimum order 20 shirts. Fees apply for each screen originated at £20 per screen. Easiest to call or email us your requirements and we'll get back with an accurate quote. Basic rule of thumb is around £4.20 for a single colour print on a t shirt.